Want Easy Guitar Songs To Learn? Here Are The Top 5

studio learn guitar 200x300 Want Easy Guitar Songs To Learn?  Here Are The Top 5

To learn effectively, start with easy guitar songs.

The acoustic guitar is one of the best instruments to learn to play, so everyone is looking for easy guitar songs that they can start off with. In the right hands, this instrument can captivate audiences, even with a few simple chords. In fact, many famous songs only use a simple chord structure, and they can be learned early on. Here are the top 5 songs you should learn.

1. For What It’s Worth

This was a classic from 1967, made famous by one Buffalo Springfield. Most of this piece uses the E and A Chords, until you get to the chorus which uses C and D. Honestly, this is a simple song to play and you can easily find tutorials that show you when you should strum the chord.

2. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

You can play this song from Bob Dylan (no, Guns ‘N Roses didn’t write the song!), too. You can find all sorts of tutorials online at YouTube, and you’ll see when you need to strum a chord as well as how long to hold the notes.

3. Redemption

The next entry on this listing of easy guitar songs is Bob Marley’s well-known, Redemption. This is a little more challenging, since it will involve more chords and transitions, but the chords are still basic chords that you’ll need for many songs. Bob used the following to play Redemption: Am, Em, G, D and C. Though it’s far more complex comparatively, it’s a great way to test your skill as a beginner.

Here are some other easy songs for you to start with.

4. Wish You Were Here

Of course this is a Pink Floyd entry, everyone knows Wish You Were Here, right? There are again multiple chords in the song, which are spread out so you can transition easily. The chords used will include Am, D, Em, G, C and A. This is also one of those songs that you can impress your family or others with so long as you don’t tell them how simple a song it really is (an advanced technique – don’t tell anyone!).

5. Time of Your Life

Last on the list of top five easy guitar songs is Green Day’s Time of Your Life. This song is pretty repetitive, but very recognizable. In some places of the song, you may hit a note anywhere up to nine consecutive times. It may seem basic at first, but the entire song is a masterpiece, a fine work of modern art. You will hit the chords Em, D, C and G as you play it.